Although we have a variety of events throughout the year, we focus on a few specific initiatives.


How can you effectively partner with FinTechs?

As the big banks invest more and more in advanced analytics, it can more and more difficult to compete, especially since you often can't build effective analytics tools in-house because of the high cost and difficulty of hiring and managing the right team, or building technical tools with limited resources. These challenges are why it's beneficial to partner with FinTech startups!

We offer guidance to financial institutions wanting to work more effectively with FinTech partners through seminars, pitch events, and other collaborative efforts. One specific project is to form a consortium of financial institutions who want to work with FinTechs, especially regarding unsolved business problems.

The Pacific Northwest has a large, vibrant tech startup community eager to partner with financial institutions. Let's leverage that dynamic!


How can you effectively use analytics as a small financial institution with limited resources?

If you're a community banks or credit union under $500M in assets, you often have considerably more difficulty using analytics than other financial institutions since you have so few resources. However, you also have the most to gain! If you're new to analytics, some of the most basic techniques can have a considerable effect, especially since customers of small financial institutions are often much more loyal than those of larger financial institutions.

We offer guidance to small financial institutions through focus events, workshops, and other collaborative efforts.


How can you develop your analytics skills?

Whether you're an executive, mid-level manager, junior professional, or technical professional, it can be a challenge to develop your analytics skills. This can be especially challenging if, like many financial institutions, your bank or credit union itself is underdeveloped with analytics capabilities. Where do you go for support and development?

We offer analytics career development through training, collaborative discussions, networking events, and other collaborative efforts.