Tuesday, October 18, 2022 11:00-1:00 PST Virtual Event

Concerned your organization may be leaving money on the table? Join us for an interactive discussion on how to enhance revenue and reduce risk!

Join us for a presentation by Andrew Clauson, Director of Risk and Analytics with PRO Financial Solutions. Andrew will provide his perspective on how to find new revenue sources by accurately measuring financial risk and performance.

A bank or credit union’s net interest margin is comprised of two key drivers: a structural component, driven by the term structure of assets and liabilities in the context of the interest rate environment, and a conditional component, driven by the institution’s unique product array, mix, and pricing decisions.

Managing and optimizing the structural element is the core tenet of Asset-Liability Management (ALM). Unfortunately, ALM is often considered a risk measurement or box-checking exercise, rather than a strategic/tactical lever to drive long-term success and sustainability.

Join us for this interactive workshop to discuss how financial institutions manage their balance sheets using “on and off-balance sheet strategies” to enhance structural margin while reducing risk. We encourage you to develop a list of questions prior to the event. This interactive presentation will be the perfect opportunity to have all of your questions answered! You will not want to miss it.

No cost registration is available now through the link above. We hope that you’ll join us!