We are a data and analytics community collaboration among community banks, credit unions, and other locally owned financial institutions primarily in the Cascadia region of Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington State. We're devoted to connecting data and analytics practitioners, consumers, and leaders to understand and realize our potential to execute, innovate, and thrive.

That said, data and analytics community members from locally owned financial institutions in all parts of the US and Canada are welcome to attend our events!


CasFAF Co-Founder

Stakana Analytics

Seattle, WA

CasFAF Co-Founder

Roberts Data Advisory

Vancouver, BC

CasFAF Administrator

Seattle, WA


Head of Data Science at Coastal Community Bank

Everett, WA

VP of Corporate Services and CFO at the Canadian Credit Union Association

Toronto, ON

Business Intelligence Manager at STCU

Spokane, WA

Former Manager of Business Insights at Prospera Credit Union

Vancouver, BC

Former Director of Enterprise Intelligence at First West Credit Union

Vancouver, BC

VP at Next Level Ventures

Downey, ID

Founder of Ponderpickle

Vancouver, BC